Rich Brian - History (Official Video)

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  • Rich Brian - History

    Directed by James Defina & Brian Imanuel
    Video Producer: Chris Heinrich
    Prod. by Brian Imanuel

    88 Degrees & Rising Tour ft. Rich Brian, Joji, Keith Ape, Higher Brothers, KOHH, NIKI, AUGUST 08, Don Krez, and more in select cities.

    Thu, Oct 11 -- West Lafayette, IN -- Purdue University
    Sat, Oct 13 -- Detroit, MI -- The Fillmore Detroit
    Sun, Oct 14 -- Chicago, IL -- Aragon Ballroom
    Tue, Oct 16 -- Atlanta, GA -- Tabernacle
    Tue, Oct 19 -- Austin, TX -- ACL Live
    Sat, Oct 20 -- Houston, TX -- Smart Financial Center
    Tue, Oct 21 -- Dallas, TX -- Pavilion at Toyota Music Factory
    Fri, Oct 23 -- Denver, CO -- The Fillmore Auditorium
    Sat, Oct 26 -- Vancouver, BC -- Pacific Coliseum
    Sun, Oct 27 -- Seattle, WA -- Showare Center
    Tue, Oct 31 -- San Francisco, CA -- Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

    Rich Brian


    88 is double happiness
  • Lamanya : 3:28
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Komentar: 50

  • Gina Septiana
    Gina Septiana   6 menit yang lalu

    great song man, hope some more music like this.... got this good for a slow dancing

  • Music Punch
    Music Punch   1 jam yang lalu

    M e l o d i e s o f o b l i v i o n

  • ThatsSoBinta
    ThatsSoBinta   1 jam yang lalu

    this is kinda like an elevator beat or something you hear on a elevator which is awesome!!!!😍

  • Queen Learlafox
    Queen Learlafox   1 jam yang lalu

    I love how this lit song is stuck in my head for 24/7 Because it's history!! 🐣

  • Queen Learlafox
    Queen Learlafox   1 jam yang lalu

    This song sounds like Nintendo music/hotline bing in a good way

  • bennni boii
    bennni boii   1 jam yang lalu

    God damn that beat🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • MrVortech
    MrVortech   2 jam yang lalu

    Now rich brian joining Shred Collective

  • Adrian Marquez
    Adrian Marquez   3 jam yang lalu


  • elexander nava
    elexander nava   3 jam yang lalu

    Man, this song reminds me to another one and don't which one aaaaaaaaa help

  • Quin Succubus
    Quin Succubus   3 jam yang lalu

    Why his hommie pull up on her like that ? Very sus

  • adham mahendra
    adham mahendra   4 jam yang lalu

    Kenapa saya selalu goyang mendengar lagu ini

  • Morgans
    Morgans   4 jam yang lalu

    I used to be a fanNow i'm a windmill.

  • Chenming Zhang
    Chenming Zhang   4 jam yang lalu

    Can anyone please tell me whats the original music of this???

  • Mathew Kennedy
    Mathew Kennedy   5 jam yang lalu

    Damn man, this was incredible all around. A flippin masterpiece.

  • knee gar
    knee gar   5 jam yang lalu

    Better clear my history.... before my momma sees

  • Aweshniap
    Aweshniap   5 jam yang lalu

    Does anyone else get Pokémon vibes?

  • João Rodrigues
    João Rodrigues   5 jam yang lalu

    Damn, son, this song mean´s a lot. It´s possible idk why but i think a feat with Sen Morimoto would be fit. like this one, think about that! pass the sms

  • Voice cracker
    Voice cracker   6 jam yang lalu

    the beat sounds like elevater music, not in a bad way lol

  • terminally ill
    terminally ill   6 jam yang lalu

    Someone remake the Drake meme but with Rich Brian

  • M. Arief Bayuaji
    M. Arief Bayuaji   6 jam yang lalu

    Listen this by accident, i though i teleported to absurd card again humanity in my phone

  • Opi Opi
    Opi Opi   6 jam yang lalu

    History is bullshit

  • oi bruv
    oi bruv   7 jam yang lalu

    Hotline bling-style

  • Jay Sky
    Jay Sky   7 jam yang lalu be ya own niggas.

  • ski slump
    ski slump   8 jam yang lalu

    Y'all think glow like that and history are connected?

  • Len
    Len   8 jam yang lalu

    Legit my fav song ive heard since i got popped out the pussy

  • Hunter Thomas
    Hunter Thomas   8 jam yang lalu

    Ayyye shout out diablo in the vid since no one else wants to

  • HUNG Nguyen
    HUNG Nguyen   9 jam yang lalu

    Someone helps me with the girl in the video please!!! What’s her IG

  • woodbash
    woodbash   9 jam yang lalu

    Damn so is this a hate song? I thought it was just an “I miss you” song.(I am a Rich Brian connoisseur)

  • aelin ashvyer
    aelin ashvyer   11 jam yang lalu

    ''brians version of hotline bling'' yeah, except history is actually good.

  • Carlo Cabunilas
    Carlo Cabunilas   12 jam yang lalu

    I tasted the champagne that they throw on rich brians face and it tasted a bit of a hotline bling and i liked it way betta than gucci gangsxcz 👁‍🗨