Маnchеstеr Unіtеd vs Νеwcаstlе 3-2 Highlights & Goals 6.10.2018

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  • Lamanya : 11:16

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  • Uni TV
    Uni TV   2 minggu yang lalu

    Goals 2:10 2:50 9:35 10:00 10:36

  • anesu chinyowa
    anesu chinyowa   2 hari yang lalu

    i noe thingz aunt well with you man u .buh if u play like wat u hve done in this game to all your games thingz willbe great fr u n for mi.um the biggest fan of manchester united here in africa zimbabwe .man u will always be my team nometter wuh 😛😘😘

  • Nonny Jessone
    Nonny Jessone   5 hari yang lalu

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  • Chun Yun
    Chun Yun   5 hari yang lalu

    Score should be 5 - 2 if Rashford won't miss 2 headers

  • mark Wilson
    mark Wilson   5 hari yang lalu

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  • Kevin Gabriel
    Kevin Gabriel   6 hari yang lalu

    ohhhhh juventos ohhhhhhh juventos e Brasil

  • BB TD
    BB TD   1 minggu yang lalu

    Forever United..⚽🙏🙏🏆

  • Dadan Mulyana
    Dadan Mulyana   1 minggu yang lalu


  • Trip4man
    Trip4man   1 minggu yang lalu

    Jesus, you can see clearly why Mourinho is in trouble... This team is horrible!!!!! No accuracy, no focus, no effort and that goalkeeper must have a guardian angel!! Because the way he defends... He should go to the B League for real.

  • Flipper T{StreetThugsEmpireBoss}

    OMG Pogba is really something else, what a pass to Martial.If you're a Manchester United fan as me, let me see your Like.

  • Dr Anthony
    Dr Anthony   1 minggu yang lalu

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  • Back Pack
    Back Pack   1 minggu yang lalu

    good game alexis I hope this gol helps him to come back to his real level

  • Iqra Samuya
    Iqra Samuya   1 minggu yang lalu

    us Manchester United fun . We need pogba he is star shining on the sky

  • hare 07
    hare 07   1 minggu yang lalu

    Dobra utakmica

  • halfvolley11
    halfvolley11   1 minggu yang lalu

    If Pogba comes to Barcelona, it will surely win Champions League.

  • Amiel Gonzales
    Amiel Gonzales   1 minggu yang lalu

    soccer is for fake ferrari boys, metro fuk boi mutherfuckers go bleach yr tips

  • llegó tu fin
    llegó tu fin   1 minggu yang lalu

    Ashley Young no sirve para una puta mierda. Ya que regalen a ese pinche cono.

  • 용기성
    용기성   1 minggu yang lalu

    I love yoshinori muto. he is great attacker

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    green pharmacy   1 minggu yang lalu

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  • Raymond Odari
    Raymond Odari   1 minggu yang lalu

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  • mr. padilla
    mr. padilla   1 minggu yang lalu

    Todos se sorprendieron no sabian quien era ese pequeño del gol icreiblemente un jugdoraso Alexis Sanchez quien no quisera ser como el y remontar un parido y aparte ser el que salva a tu equipo.

  • Said Kurto
    Said Kurto   1 minggu yang lalu

    united can do better minus morino

  • Lite Shacheez
    Lite Shacheez   1 minggu yang lalu

    Man u not gonna win prem league this year hahaha!!! city all the way

  • Richard Were
    Richard Were   1 minggu yang lalu

    This shit defenders need to go: SMALLING, JONES, VALENCIA!!!!

  • Imtiaz Sharif
    Imtiaz Sharif   1 minggu yang lalu

    This is what happens when United attacks don’t park the bus

  • 星暉
    星暉   1 minggu yang lalu


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    みやスモーリング   1 minggu yang lalu


  • flavour harrison
    flavour harrison   1 minggu yang lalu

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