【Miya】BanG Dream! Roselia - Kiseki / 軌跡 【English Cover】

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(there was a weird glitch in the mix so I hope no one saw me reupload thrice OOF)

my finals are over so i decided to record something!!

kiseki is definitely one of my favourite songs from roselia and in bandori in general- i mean it has such a beautiful tune and melody and lyrics and everything ;w; i just think it's a really pretty and meaningful song www

i hope i did it justice!! it was really hard to write lyrics for this- there was so much i wanted to fit into it but,,,constraints

i was dying towards the end of the chorus but hopefully it isn't /too/ obvious :^))

(at least the video turned out better than neo-aspect)

Lyrics: Oda Asuka (Elements Garden)
Composition: Fujinaga Ryutaro
Artist: Roselia

Vocals/Mix/Video/Lyrics: Miya

lyrics (can use with credit!!): https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Z_6iu0m8DI8wHmB3pcrRBkx8r6rohUpxbIlzV7k9FzA/edit?usp=sharing